mosque history



When the Islamic Trust was founded in 1967-1969, it was with intention of establishing a Mosque in Slough. The following year, we bought and converted a house on the junction of Montem Lane and Arthur Road, which became the town's first Mosque. Although this was originally seen as a temporary measure, the Montem Lane Mosque is now a permanent fixture.

In 1983 the Slough Islamic Trust purchase leased a plot of land in Diamond Road from the Slough Borough Council, and in 1984 the go-ahead was given for the Mosque to be built on the site. The foundation stone was laid on 8th May 1983, and in 1985 the Jamia Masjid Ghousia was complete - Alhumdolillah.

Work started with only 9,000 with no assistance through bank loans. This was done in the Trust and Grace of the All-Mighty and with the blessings of His Beloved Prophet (PBUH) and the spiritual blessing of the Holy Saints of Darbarr-e-Aliya Glora Sharif.